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Fire Chief’s Update – Monday, June 17, 2019 (Over 3 DAYS @ danger level HIGH)

Firefighters Sean Gray, Steve Ireland, Jamie Prowse and Eli Hason are spending 8 hours a day for 5 days getting intensive medical training to become EMA First Responders. Please be sure to thank them for their dedication to the community. Their training could save a life and that life could be yours. Restrictions on High [...]

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Fire Chief’s Update – May 15, 2019

ALL OPEN-AIR BURNING EXCEPT CAMPFIRES IS PROHIBITED ON DENMAN ISLAND UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE OR UNTIL THE END OF FIRE SEASON, OCTOBER 15, 2019. THIS INCLUDES, BACKYARD BURNING, BURN BARRELS AND INDUSTRIAL BURN PILES. Thank you to everyone that attended the Wildfire Preparedness Presentation on Saturday at the Denman Activity Centre. Great turnout!  If you missed [...]

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Fire Chief’s Update-December 2, 2018

Minimize smoke pollution - Use the Venting Index when burning   Reduce the risk of a chimney fire - Burn only seasoned wood, maintain a hot fire, don't burn garbage and have your chimney cleaned and inspected regularly.   The following is the 2019 proposed Operating Grant for Denman Island Fire Rescue: Hornby Island [...]

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Fire Chief’s Update-October 17, 2018

Open backyard burning is now allowed. That is burn barrels and hand piles only. Please check the current venting index before you burn. Anyone who lights an open fire must comply with B.C.’s air-quality control legislation. That means the venting index must be “good” before you light up your burn pile/burn barrel. You can find the [...]

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Fire Chief’s Update-September 17, 2018

PLEASE NOTE: The campfire ban has been removed. Small campfires for heat and warmth are now permitted. Until further notice, there is still a ban on backyard burning and industrial burn piles. The ban also includes: • stubble or grass burning of any size • the use of sky lanterns • the use of fireworks [...]

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Fire Chief’s Update-September 10, 2018

A TOTAL FIRE BAN IS STILL IN EFFECT No campfires, No backyard burning. High Risk Activities (Machinery & Industrial Operations) including chainsaws are now permitted. Please Note: I am waiting for Coastal Fire Center to remove the canpfire ban in our area. When they do, we will follow suit. That will only apply to campfires. [...]

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