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Friday June 9, 2023

Day 5 at EXTREME. There is a complete burn ban in place. All high risk activities are now shut down.

Restrictions on High Risk Activities (Machinery & Industrial Operations)

High-risk activities include but are not limited to any of the following activities carried out in a wooded or near area: –

  • operating a power saw;
  • mechanical tree felling, woody debris piling or tree processing, including de-limbing;
  • welding;
  • portable wood chipping, milling, processing or manufacturing;
  • skidding logs

Other high risk activities listed include: mechanical brushing, disk trenching, use of explosives, using spark or fire producing tools, fireworks, grinding. mechanical land clearing and maintaining right of ways (including grass mowing).

On Thursday at 12:00 Coastal Fire initiated a campfire ban for the region.

Please see section “ Fire Danger Rating explained” for definitions.

Thank you for staying vigilant. The summers are only getting drier and keeping a close watch for wildfires will help to keep everyone and everything safe.

The chipper program will return in the fall so save up those prunings, etc and we’ll take them away. In fairness to everyone, this program is not a land clearing exercise and the contractor will have the right to refuse to chip up excessively large piles, or piles that contain stumps, pressure treated wood, etc. Full details will come closer to the date.

If you see or smell smoke, please call 911 and we will investigate.

Stay safe everyone.


For fire and medical emergency please call 911

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