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Friday December 8, 2023

The venting index today is fair and tomorrow is poor. This may change throughout the day.

Backyard burning and burn barrels are now allowed without a permit, however, machine piles or category 3 piles must be registered(1-888-797-1717) and be inspected by an authorized member of the fire department before burning.(https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/safety/wildfire-status/prevention/fire-bans-and-restrictions/open-burning.

Please consider other measures before burning.

Interested in joining the fire department? Come talk to us or send us an email at denmanfire911@gmail.com. Our next intake is coming up and we’re looking for front line firefighters. You’ll be joining an incredible group of individuals who are committed to this community and its safety.

The chipper program was a great success this year again. More than 100 yards of fire fuel was removed. Thank you.
*Thank you to Mark Prior for the new photo.

For fire and medical emergency please call 911

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