Denman Island Fire Rescue is funded by property taxes administered by the Comox Valley Regional District. The process takes about six months before funding is finally approved.

There are two components of the Fire Department’s budget. The Operating Grant, which is administered directly by the Denman Island Fire Chief, is used for such things as training, vehicle fuel and maintenance, equipment purchases, building maintenance and honoraria. A complete breakdown of the components of the operating grant is shown in the “Budget” and “Year-end Review ” sections of this website.

The second component of the Fire Department’s budget is developed and managed by staff of CVRD. It includes such components as vehicle licensing and insurance, building insurance, the Fire Chief’s remuneration, and reserves for capital equipment purchases (e.g., vehicles).

In early fall, the Fire Chief, in consultation with the Department’s officers and firefighters has a provisional operating budget prepared for the upcoming fiscal year. This provisional budget is presented to the community at the October meeting of the Denman Island Residents Association and posted on this website. The proposed budget is then forwarded to CVRD for evaluation and at that time the component of the budget administered by CVRD is added. Early in the following year, the CVRD Directors have the opportunity to review and approve the Fire Department’s budget. The approved budget is formally published at the end of March.