Campfires and beach fires are allowed on Denman Island without a permit except during those times of year when a Complete Burning Ban is in effect.  Please check the status of burning on the Denman Island Fire Rescue website (, the Fire Department’s billboards in the Village area and at the Firehall, on the Fire Department’s answering machine at 250-335-0345, or on social media. The CVRD Bylaw #281 provides specific information related to requirements for campfires and beach fires.  Ensure that your fires comply with these requirements.

In general, try to keep the fire as small as possible to minimize the chance of the fire getting out of control.  We recommend that that a fire one-half meter or less in any dimension is easiest to control. Fires should not be ignited within three meters of any combustible material (brush, dry grass, structures, driftwood, etc.). A fire pit should be prepared and all flammable material should be removed down to mineral soil in and around the fire pit.

Only an adult person (16 years or older) shall ignite the fire and be responsible for safely maintaining it and also ensuring that an effective means of totally extinguishing the fire is nearby. We recommend that an adequate supply of water be close at hand.

Most importantly, all campfires and beach fires must be completely extinguished before leaving the site. All ashes and unburnt fuel must be cold to the touch to ensure that the fire does not rekindle and potentially spread to become a wildfire.

Please be very careful with campfires and beach fires. Wildfire is a serious threat to Denman Island and it is everyone’s responsibility to use fire safely.