Residential or “Backyard” burning is allowed on Denman Island without the need for a permit and can proceed throughout the year until the Fire Chief determines that conditions are too dry and further burning would create a hazard to Denman Island. At that point (usually late spring) lighting residential burn piles would be strictly prohibited.  The Fire Chief will determine when conditions are once again safe to resume burning.

The status of burning can be determined by checking the Fire Department’s billboards in the Village and at the Firehall, checking the Fire Department’s website – or by listening to the message on the Fire Department’s answering machine at 250-335-0345.

Always check before burning.

Before lighting a fire, it is extremely important to review the burning requirements listed below and to check the Ventilation Index to minimize the health risk and other hazards of nuisance smoke. Denman Island Fire Rescue will have you extinguish your fire if you are not following the burning requirements or if smoke from your fire is causing a health risk or other excessive hazard.

Anyone lighting a residential (backyard) burn pile must abide by the following conditions:

  1. No burning is permitted within ten (10) meters of neighbouring residences or businesses or five hundred (500) meters of the school, when it is in session.
  1. Burn piles must not exceed three (3) meters in length or breadth and two (2) meters in height.
  1. Fires must be located at least five (5) meters away from the property line.
  1. Fires may not be set within three (3) meters of dry grass, shrubbery, trees, wooden fences or other combustible material or within six (6) meters of any structure.
  1. Residential burn piles may not be ignited if a residential burn pile ban is put into effect. Burning status can be confirmed by checking the Fire Department billboards in the village or near the Fire Hall, checking the website ( or checking the message on the Fire Department’s answering machine at 250-335-0345. Check before you burn.