The Auxiliary was formed in 2009 and holds regular training sessions under the direction of a senior Fire Department Officer. Their primary task is to support the front-line firefighters by shuttling water from various sources around Denman Island to the scene of structure fires and wildfires. Additional duties include assisting, a needed, with rescue operations and searches.

The Auxiliary is responsible for the operation of three tankers and a support vehicle:

  • Tanker 51
  • Tanker 52, our newest diesel unit carries 1800 gallons
  • Tanker 54, also a diesel unit, carries another 1800 gallons
  • Utility Vehicle 59, an extended cab pick-up, is our Superior Shuttle equipment truck.

Water for firefighting is the Auxiliary’s priority. Cities have hydrants; rural areas such as Denman Island have water tankers. The  Auxiliary, now fourteen volunteer members strong, is working in close cooperation with the front line firefighters to deliver an adequate quantity of water as quickly as possible to a fire scene anywhere on Denman Island.

The Auxiliary meets and practices monthly. Many are joint training sessions with the front line crew. All members of the Auxiliary carry pagers and when on island respond to emergencies 24/7.

Rick Middleton
Rick MiddletonCo-Captain Auxiliary
Rick Paisley
Rick PaisleyCo-Captain Auxiliary
Kevin Behrens
Kevin BehrensAuxiliary
John Kirk
John Kirk Retired Fire Chief Auxiliary
Ian lark
Ian larkAuxiliary
Alan Danks
Alan DanksAuxiliary
Jackie Hipwell
Jackie HipwellAuxiliary
Ralph McCuaig
Ralph McCuaigAuxiliary
Charlie Johnston
Charlie JohnstonAuxiliary
Dennis Lavalle
Dennis LavalleAuxiliary