These are the men and women dedicated to protecting our island from fire, providing first-responder services, and performing community outreach and education. These volunteers are Denman Island residents who donate a lot of their time and effort to keeping us all safe.

Rob Manering
Rob ManeringFire Chief/EMA FR
Vali Majd
Vali MajdDeputy Fire Chief-Operations/EMA FR
Jamie Prowse
Jamie ProwseDeputy Fire Chief-Training/EMA FR
John Ralston
John RalstonAdministrative Officer
Drew Erickson
Drew EricksonCaptain/EMA FR
Alan Friesen
Alan FriesenCaptain/EMA FR
Graeme Johnston
Graeme JohnstonFirefighter
Steve Ireland
Steve IrelandFirefighter/EMA FR
Matthias Diesch
Matthias DieschFirefighter
Paige Friesen
Paige FriesenFirefighter/EMA FR
Grant Cyz
Grant CyzFirefighterEMA FR
Jared Altman
Jared AltmanFirefighter/EMA FR
Sam Croome
Sam CroomeFirefighter
Finn Setzer
Finn SetzerJunior Firefighter/EMA FR
Nadine Setzer
Nadine SetzerFirefighter/EMA FR
Scott Macdonald
Scott MacdonaldFirefighter/EMA FR
Daryl Mcloughlin
Daryl Mcloughlin Firefighter/EMA FR
Tim Fuchs
Tim FuchsRadio Operator
Frank Frketich
Frank FrketichRadio Operator
Brian Holt
Brian HoltRadio Operator/Maintenance Officer