These are the men and women dedicated to protecting our island from fire, providing first-responder services, and performing community outreach and education. These volunteers are Denman Island residents who donate a lot of their time and effort to keeping us all safe.

Rob Manering
Rob ManeringFire Chief/EMA FR
Vali Majd
Vali MajdDeputy Fire Chief-Operations/EMA FR
Jamie Prowse
Jamie ProwseDeputy Fire Chief-Training/EMA FR
John Ralston
John RalstonAdministrative Officer
Alan Friesen
Alan FriesenCaptain/EMA FR
Graeme Johnston
Graeme JohnstonFirefighter
Paige Friesen
Paige FriesenFirefighter/EMA FR
Grant Cyz
Grant CyzFirefighter/EMA FR
Jared Altman
Jared AltmanFirefighter/EMA FR
Sam Croome
Sam CroomeFirefighter
Finn Setzer
Finn SetzerFirefighter/EMA FR
Nadine Setzer
Nadine SetzerFirefighter/EMA FR
Scott Macdonald
Scott MacdonaldFirefighter/EMA FR
Daryl Mcloughlin
Daryl McloughlinFirefighter/EMA FR
Starsa Auchterlonie
Starsa AuchterlonieFirefighter
Robert Trahan
Robert TrahanFirefighter
James Bartram
James BartramFirefighter
Kasian Russell
Kasian RussellJunior Firefighter
Akai Oliveira
Akai OliveiraJunior Firefighter
Tim Fuchs
Tim FuchsRadio Operator
Frank Frketich
Frank FrketichRadio Operator
Brian Holt
Brian HoltRadio Operator/Maintenance Officer