Organized in 2009, the Denman Island Firefighters Association is a registered organization under the BC Societies Act. Its members include all active members of Denman Island Fire Rescue including members of the Auxiliary. The principal purposes of the Society are:

  • To promote the well-being of the members
  • To promote Fire prevention and effective fire control on Denman Island
  • To manage the non-tax-based finances of the Denman Island Volunteer Fire Department derived from the various fund-raising activities of its members, donations and other gifts to the Denman Island Firefighters.
  • To administer a Fire Protection Service Agreement for the benefit of the residents of Denman Island Fire Protection Local Service Area.
  • To undertake fund-raising activities for the purposes of deriving revenue to enhance the training and facilities of the Fire Department beyond levels that can be achieved using tax-based funding; supporting the Fire Department’s secondary school scholarship fund; and, supporting worthwhile charities and local causes
  • To seek grants and manage funding derived for the enhancement of the effectiveness of the fire department and the training and safety of the members