Help protect our community from wild fires.

Paste this code into any website that accepts HTML.

The contents will update automatically every day.

<iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”525″></iframe>

Residents and visitors to the island often do not understand the risk of wildfires due to dry conditions. For this reason, the fire hazard rating notice that appears on the homepage of this site is designed to be easily pasted into any website.

  • Intelligent layout adjusts width and image sizes to fit in a full page or a sidebar so it looks good on any website
  • Updates itself automatically when the fire chief changes the ratings
  • Mobile friendly to work in conjunction with your website to show well on phones and tablets

Here are some features of the module:

  • Public safety notices and emergency news may appear from time-to-time
  • The Forest Fire Hazard rating mirrors the road side signs
  • The Residential Burning rating includes a link to restrictions
  • The Venting Index is updated in real time from government sources

If you have a website that pertains to Denman Island, such as a bed and breakfast or local business, you may wish to paste the iframe into your home page, header, or footer to help us spread the word about forest fire safety.