The British Columbia government has declared a provincewide state of emergency in response to the ongoing wildfire situation. It applies to the whole province and ensures federal, provincial and local resources can be delivered in a co-ordinated response to protect the public. “We’re asking British Columbians to do their part and follow burning bans and restrictions to prevent human-caused fires.”

The Fire Danger Rating on Denman Island is EXTREME.

  • A Complete and Total FIRE BAN is in effect.  No fires of any kind.
  • No Smoking in or near the forest.
  • All High-Risk Activities are prohibited.
  • If the activity you are considering creates an ignition source or any kind of a spark……please don’t do it.

Ground patrols will be ongoing in high risk areas.

High Risk Activities (Machinery & Industrial Operations)

High-risk activities include but are not limited to any of the following activities carried out in a wooded or near area: –

  • operating a power saw;
  • mechanical tree felling, woody debris piling or tree processing, including de-limbing;
  • welding;
  • portable wood chipping, milling, processing or manufacturing;
  • skidding logs

Other high risk activities include: mechanical brushing, disk trenching, use of explosives, using spark or fire producing tools, fireworks, grinding, mechanical land clearing and maintaining right of ways (including grass mowing).


Is a charcoal barbecue allowed? Enclosed propane or briquette BBQ’s, used with due caution, are permitted.

Can I use a gas powered log splitter? No, it is considered a high risk activity.