Effective Sunday, June 26, 2022, at 6:00 p.m. all outdoor burning on all privately owned and publicly owned properties located in the Denman Island fire protection service area, except for campfires and beach fires, is prohibited.

Camp fires:

(1) Camp fires shall not be ignited or maintained from standing trees, stumps, slash or other flammable debris or wooden structures.

(2) Camp fires shall not be ignited within three meters of trees, stumps, logs, wooden structures or any other combustible material.

(3) No person shall ignite or maintain a camp fire greater than one meter in diameter.

(4) No person shall ignite or maintain a camp fire except in a fire pit.

(5) All flammable material shall be removed down to mineral soil for not less than one meter in all directions from the perimeter of the fire pit.

(6) A person who ignites a camp fire shall ensure that an effective means of extinguishing the fire is available immediately adjacent to the fire pit at all times while the fire is maintained.

(7) A camp fire, other than a camp fire ignited and maintained on private property, shall be extinguished by 10:00 p.m.


Beach fires:

(1) Beach fires shall only be ignited with wood and used for warmth or cooking.

(2) Beach fires will be permitted only below the natural boundary and must be a minimum of three meters from driftwood, slash, grass or other combustible material.

(3) Beach fires shall be no larger than one meter in diameter.

(4) A beach fire must be completely extinguished with water and not by covering the fire with sand or other material, by 12:00 midnight.

By order of the Denman Island Fire Chief, Don Luckett