A Complete fire ban is in effect on Denman Island. What does that mean? No campfires. No Beach Fires. No fires of any kind.

CVRD Parks department will be implementing a smoking ban in CVRD Parks effective today at 10:00 am What does that mean? Added to the current smoking ban in public forests on the island, it means don’t smoke in the bush.

The fire danger rating is now “Extreme” on Denman Island. What does that mean? High Risk Activities will still be on morning shift for the next 3 days, including today. On the 4th day (Monday July 30, 2018) all High Risk Activities are completely shut down.

(1-3 days)
Cease activity between 1:00 pm and sunset each day and maintain a three-hour fire watch until the fire danger class falls below “High” for two or more consecutive days

(over 3 days) 
After three (3) consecutive days of “Extreme” cease activities completely Until the danger class falls below “Extreme” for 3 or more consecutive days or falls below “High”

Please note that under the fire danger rating sign below it indicates chainsaws are “banned” this is subject to the above.