The British Columbia government has declared a provincewide state of emergency in response to the ongoing wildfire situation. It applies to the whole province and ensures federal, provincial and local resources can be delivered in a co-ordinated response to protect the public. “We’re asking British Columbians to do their part and follow burning bans and restrictions to prevent human-caused fires.”


  • A Complete and Total FIRE BAN is in effect.  No fires of any kind.
  • No Smoking in or near the forest.
  • All High-Risk Activities are prohibited.
  • If the activity you are considering creates an ignition source or any kind of a spark……please don’t do it.

Ground patrols will be ongoing in high risk areas.

High Risk Activities (Machinery & Industrial Operations)

High-risk activities include but are not limited to any of the following activities carried out in a wooded or near area: –

  • operating a power saw;
  • mechanical tree felling, woody debris piling or tree processing, including de-limbing;
  • welding;
  • portable wood chipping, milling, processing or manufacturing;
  • skidding logs

Other high risk activities include: mechanical brushing, disk trenching, use of explosives, using spark or fire producing tools, fireworks, grinding, mechanical land clearing and maintaining right of ways (including grass mowing).


Is a charcoal barbecue allowed? Enclosed propane or briquette BBQ’s, used with due caution, are permitted.

Can I use a gas powered log splitter? No, it is considered a high risk activity.

What if I see someone smoking at Chickadee Lake? There are private individuals that are patrolling Winter Wren and Chickadee Lake daily. I have also been doing regular patrols.

Is it okay to use an electric weed wacker with a nylon line during the fire ban? Although, not specifically restricted, we ask that you try and wait until the fire danger is lower to use anything that may cause a spark.


There has been an ongoing discussion on Facebook regarding restrictions, infractions, prevention and who to call during the current fire ban.

  1. If you see a fire or a smoke column, call 911 immediately.
  2. If you see an infraction of the current restrictions, please call 911.
  3. If you are not sure of the current restrictions and you have read this website and the FAQ’s and you still have a question, please feel free to call me, Don Luckett, Fire Chief on my cell at 250-334-6562 at anytime.

What happens with each of these calls?

  1. In the case of an actual fire, the entire department will respond and during the current state of emergency, Coastal Fire Center will be contacted immediately.
  2. Denman Island Fire Rescue operates on a Duty Officer system. Fire Dispatch will page a duty officer to investigate your call. Our duty officer page works on rank, therefore the first to respond is the fire chief. If he is not available, the deputy chief will respond, if he is not, the next officer and so on. The responding officer is monitored by fire dispatch via radio providing the officer a level of safety as required by WorkSafeBC.
  3. During the current fire ban and high-risk activity restriction, I have received a large volume of calls with questions. I thank each and everyone that has called, and I encourage you to do so if you have question or concern. Please do not call other members of the department.

Please do not post your interpretation of the restrictions on Facebook unless you are sure it is correct and if you are not sure, please call me.

Fire Danger Class Map